A story about how we bought a 1989 Ford Econoline and transformed it into a Pink Pineapple Babe!!!  

Here is the story of "Big Mama" as we like to call her and "Pineapple My Ride, Design on a Dime" is what I like to call this project. Starting a business from the ground up with the money you make from waitressing can be challenging. So keeping the cost down is a must whenever  you can which is part of the reason why we decided to buy an old van instead of a new one besides the fact that we also wanted something with character. Finding an older van was not as easy as I thought it was going to be. We must have gone to look at dozens of older vans owned by your average working man who could not wrap their head around the fact that I wanted to buy their van and paint it pink!! It was quite comical I must say but we had a vision!!!

We finally settled on a 1989 Ford Econoline that we bought for $1000. My stepdad who is a mechanic checked it out and gave us the go ahead with a chuckle and said "are you sure you want to buy this van?" from the looks of it I don't think he could see the vision but he agreed to help because lets face it I was defiantly going need help from a man with this one since I am not a mechanic and this baby was going to need some TLC. Mike put some work into it mechanically and then the fun part started. First thing I did was strip the inside. Then we put in a new pink shag carpet, painted the walls pink, covered the seats with alpaca fur seat covers, hung a disco ball and put a hula girl on the dashboard. Next we took her to get some fresh new rims and new sound system. She was almost ready from the inside but not so much on the outside. 

We collaborated with Hatteras Printing company to make our vision come to life. They had never wrapped a van this old before and laughed when I brought the van in  but for them it was a different exciting project. Their design team was the best I have ever witnessed and after going back and forth to get the vision right she was off for the final touch. When I went to pick her up I can't even tell you how happy I was. She came out way better then I could have ever dreamed of. Hatteras really  did an impeccable job. This van is one of a kind and completely represents the grass root vibe that Pink Pineapple is all about. If you happen to see her on the road give us a shout! Tag us on Instagram! We love seeing your photos with her!! She is indeed a Pink Pineapple BABE!!! #PineappleMyRide #VanLife