Surf Camp will be held Monday - Friday for 3 hours for ages 7-18 years old. We have a maximum of 12 girls per day. We are a small exclusive boutique surf camp. For every 2 students there will be 1 instructor that will be able to provide them their undivided attention. The 3 hour camp will start off with a group circle yoga stretch where everyone will get the chance to introduce each other . We will then give a land lesson which will teach the girls the proper pop up and paddling technique’s. After that we will head into the water for an hour followed by a 15 minute break halfway through followed by more water time for the remainder of camp. During our break the girls can rehydrate, eat their snack, or continue their surf art masterpiece (details below). The times of the camp will change each week, ocean tide dependent. We prefer to hold camp during low tides so please be sure to look at the calendar. For example, one week we will have camp from 9am-12pm and the next week we will have camp from 1-4pm.


In addition to our 3 hour surf camp the girls will have a chance during their break to create their very own piece of surf art.  This will give the girls another creative outlet to express themselves, create something unique, and beautiful to take home a piece of their days experience in the ocean with them. We will be painting clam shells and small canvases. Painting will take place either before camp starts, during our 15 minute break, or after camp has ended. Our wish is for the girls to leave feeling inspired and empowered from an experience in the ocean, their creative art therapy, and the confidence that we hope Pink Pineapple will instill in them.


$120 Per Day     


5 day Package $480    10 Day Package $960  


A surf camp package allows you to buy multiple surf camp days at once at a discounted rate. Once you purchase a package you will be sent a unique code to your email which you can then use at checkout for whichever days you would like to book throughout the Summer. You do not have to use your surf camp days for a consecutive week straight. You can use them at random for whichever days you would like throughout the Summer. It is up to you how you would like to use your days. 


  • Click on the book button and you will be led to a calendar.

  • The surf camp package will be available on either July 1st, or August 1st at 8am.

  • Click on either one and you will be prompted to a screen that will allow you to choose options of a one week or two week package you would prefer.

  • You then will be prompted to put in your contact information and credit card information.

  • Once you pay for your package your unique surf camp package code will be sent to your email.

  • You can then start booking surf camp days for whichever days and times are available by choosing the dates from the calendar you would like to book, and by using your unique code at checkout to make your balance $0.

  • You will have to book days individually. If you have any questions please email pinkpineapplesurf@gmail.com.  


  • We provide everything you need to learn how to surf which includes surfboards, leashes, wetsuits, rash guards. The only thing you need to bring to surf camp is a bathing suit, towel, water, snack and sunscreen.

  • The age limit for surf camp is 8-18 years old. If you are younger then 8 or older then 18 we recommend a private lesson.

  • Feel free to bring your own surfboard or wetsuit.

  • The instructor to student ratio is 2:1.

  • We have a 15 hour cancelation policy. That means if your lesson starts at 9am you must cancel by 6pm the night before. If you cancel anytime after that we will have to charge you your total cost for that day. No exceptions. Thank you.

  • Children attending the camp do not require a beach badge. Parents planning to stay on the beach for the day will require a beach badge.

  • Advanced registration is required.

  • Safety is our number one priority . If the waves are too big or rough and you do not want to surf for that reason, please let an instructor know and we will reschedule you for a day with smaller waves. If we predict a large swell, and are able to let you know ahead of time, we will do our best to do so. If that is not possible, and we decide to cancel the day of your lesson we will give you a call as soon as we have made our decision and reschedule you for another day.

  • We have a maximum of 12 girls per day.

  • The times for camp will change each week to go along with low tide. We do not give lessons during high tide.

  • If you need to cancel you must cancel within 15 hours of your lesson. That means if your lesson starts at 9am, you must cancel by 6pm the night before. If you cancel anytime after the 15hr minimum time you will be charged the total cost for the lesson. If you do not notify us by the 15hr minimum cutoff, or do not attend, then you will be charged full rate. We have LIMITED SPOTS as we are a small boutique one location surf camp. No exceptions.

  • Please note... there will be no refunds/reimbursements for any Pink Pineapple Surf Lesson purchases for the 2019 Summer Season. If Pink Pineapple Surf School cancels a class due to weather then you will be issued a credit back to your account and you may reschedule for another day at your convenience. Your purchases will not expire. We do not refund credit cards or issue any refunds for classes or lessons purchased. No exceptions.

    What to Bring

  • Bathing Suit

  • Towel

  • Water bottle

  • Waiver

  • Snack

  • Sunscreen


Here’s to an amazing Summer! XoX