Pink Pineapple Surf Frequently Asked Questions 

What do I need to Bring?

The only thing you need to bring to surf camp or a private lesson is a bathing suit, towel, water, light snack,and sunscreen. We provide everything you need to learn how to surf. Which includes surfboards, leashes, wetsuits, and rashguards.

What is the age limit for surf camp?

The age limit for surf camp is 8-18 years old. If you are younger then 8 or older then 18 we recommend a private lesson.

Can I sign up for just 1 day of surf camp or do I need to sign up for the week?

You can sign up for surf camp daily and or pick random inconsecutive days you would like throughout the Summer. You are more then welcome to sign up for the whole week.

Do I need to buy a beach badge?

Campers are not required to buy a beach badge. Any parents that would like to be there will be required to buy a beach badge.

What happens if it rains?

We cannot emphasize enough the we are not the "Weather Women". If we need to cancel camp/private lessons/ birthday parties due to rain, lightning or rough surf we will give you at least an hour notice before the start time and reschedule you for another day. The lifeguards on the beach have the final say as to whether or not we run camp or lessons that day. If we feel there are still safe and conditions but not ideal conditions and decide to run lessons then you cannot cancel last minute or not show up. You will be charged half the price of your lesson.

What if it rains or lightning strikes while I am at camp?

If lightning strikes we are by law forced to leave the beach for 30 minutes before we are let back on by the lifeguards. We will head under the pavilion for safety. If we finish more then half of the day then we will not reschdule for another day. That will count as a full day. If we have not finished half of the day then we will reschedule you for another day. If it rains during your lesson but there is no lightning the lessons will go on! Some of our best lessons have been in the rain! If we have to cancel camp due to the weather while camp is in progress we will give your emergency contact a call right away.

Can I bring my own surfboard or wetsuit?

Yes!! Feel free to bring your own surfboard or wetsuit.

What is your cancelation policy?

If you need to cancel you must cancel within 15 hours of your lesson. That means if your lesson starts at 9am, you must cancel by 6pm the night before. If you cancel anytime after the 15hr minimum time you will be charged the total cost for the lesson. If you do not notify us by the 15hr minimum cutoff, or do not attend, then you will be charged full rate. We have LIMITED SPOTS as we are a small boutique one location surf camp. No exceptions.

What is your reimbursement policy?

Please note... there will be no refunds/reimbursements for any Pink Pineapple Surf Lesson purchases for the 2019 Summer Season. If Pink Pineapple Surf School cancels a class due to weather then you will be issued a credit back to your account and you may reschedule for another day at your convenience. Your purchases will not expire. We do not refund credit cards or issue any refunds for classes or lessons purchased. No exceptions.

What is the instructor to student ratio for surf camp?

The instructor to student ratio is 3:1.

How do I use private lesson or surf camp packages?

Buying a package allows you to book multiple days. You will be sent a unique code in your email after you purchase a package that you will be able to use each time you checkout. After you purchase a package you can then go back individually book each day you would like to sign up for using your unique code at checkout to make your balance $0. Buying a package allows you to skip the booking fee for each individual lesson you book. Please email us if you need further help.

What if the waves are too big?

Safety is our number one priority . If the waves are too big or rough and you do not want to surf for that reason, please let an instructor know and we will reschedule you for a day with smaller waves. If we predict a large swell, and are able to let you know ahead of time, we will do our best to do so. If that is not possible, and we decide to cancel the day of your lesson we will give you a call as soon as we have made our decision and give you a call to reschedule.

What if the waves are too small?

Unfortunately, agian we are not the weather woman! We would love to be able to control the ocean so that when you are with us you always have the most ideal conditions. However, that is not always possible. If the ocean is flat or waves are very small, we will have paddle drills, contests and other in water activities as long as possible. Swimming and paddling are fundamental aspects of surfing and will only make you a better surfer and more comfortable in the ocean. If you would like to know the surfing conditions prior to signing up, you can always reach out to us 15 hours prior to the start and we will share the forecast with you so you can decide in advance to change the day you join us. It is up to you to reach out 15 hours before hand. Regardless of small conditions, our goal is always to make the best of everyday, and provide the most fun we can for our campers.

Can I buy a private lesson or surf camp package and split it between my friends?

Packages are for a single persononly. They cannot be split between friends. Single lessons and single camp days cannot be converted into packages. Also, private lesson, surf camp and private lesson packages/ surf camp packages are not interchangable. You must purchase these separately. There are no exceptions.