Meet Daisy the Surfing Bulldog!!!

Daisy loves surfing more then most people we know. We didn't know if she was even going to be able to swim because bulldogs are not know for their water skills which makes Daisy so unique. She started out swimming in a pool at 5 months old with a life vest. I will never forget her taking off the first step by herself kicking her chubby legs to the other side of the pool. It was the cutest thing any of us have ever seen. She has been in love with the water ever since.

We started her putting her on surfboards in the pool and from the start she had such great balance. She started going to the beach at 8 weeks old and it is truly her happy place. She is a true beach babe. Loves the ocean and sand more then anything. Her favorite beach is the army camp beach in between Manasquan and Sea Girt. She is known for swimming out to surfers in the lineup and trying to get on their boards. When we take her surfing she never wants to stop. She keeps going for wave after wave. She has had some pretty big wipeouts but nothing seems to faze her. She also loves paddle boarding in the cove. She would much rather walk then swim. She is a true mermaid at heart. When she's not surfing you can find her snoring on the couch, chilling in the van or begging for pork Roll because after all she is a jersey girl!  We are so lucky to have this pink pineapple mascot in our lives!!! Daisy for President!! XoX